The Sporting Generosity Foundation (the “Foundation”) was created to help individuals and organizations raise money for their own specific causes without having to go through the administrative burden of managing their own personal foundation. The Foundation is unique in that it does not have one defined mission, rather it adapts to the missions of our members. Each member of our foundation has his or her own respective operating charter which is managed as its own unique foundation. The Foundation also has a general account that accepts non-designated money which is then distributed as grants to other charitable organziations in need.

The Foundation will soon be announcing its Board of Directors. The directors are experts in the fields of philanthropy, law, finance, accounting, event management, marketing, public relations, and professional athletics.

Featured Charities


Babac’Ards FoundationĀ – Started by Boris Diaw, the SG November 2011 Player of the Month, the Babac’Ards foundation is to improve the lives of children in Senegal by facilitating educational development and recreational programming. The foundation is currently fundraising to faciliate the creation of a training and educational facility for Senegalese young women 13-18 years of age.

The Macc Fund- Founded in 1976 by Jon McGlockin, former star of the Milwaukee Bucks, the Macc Fund’s mission is to raise money for research to help cure childhood cancer and blood disorders. Over the course of its existence, that MACC Fund has contributed over $33 million for pediatric cancer and related blood disorder research.

Harmlem RBIĀ – Harlem RBI, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is a unique, year-round youth development program based in East Harlem, New York. Since its founding in 1991, Harlem RBI has grown to serve more than 750 boys and girls annually, ages 5-21, providing them with year-round sports, educational and enrichment activities.