As we strive to achieve our mission, each month Sporting Generosity will identify an individual that has meant more to the sports world than his or her achievements on the court, ice, or field. This individual will have given back to the community by providing hope to a sick child, financial assistance to an underprivileged youth, or by becoming an advocate for a specific cause. These athletes are people who give back not out of obligation, but out of conviction in its necessity. With that said, please congratulate our September, 2011 Player of the Month.

Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil, born December 14, 1985, has been deemed by many loyal fans as “the LeBron James of lacrosse.” Since being drafted out of Johns Hopkins University in the first round of the 2008 MLL (Major League Lacrosse) draft, Rabil has been the face of the Lacrosse. Rabil currently plays for two professional teams, the Boston Cannons in the MLL and the Washington Stealth in the NLL (National Lacrosse League). His work ethic is unparalleled and the results are unrivaled. On the field honors include, but are not limited to, the MLL MVP in 2009 & 2011, MLL Offensive Player of the Year 2009 & 2011, 2010 Winner of the NLL Champion’s Cup (Washington Stealth), 2010 World Lacrosse Championship MVP with Team USA, and 2011 MLL Steinfeld Cup Champion (Boston Cannons). Rabil also currently holds the world record in the Fastest Shot competition with his shot clocking in at a “measly” 111mph.

But like all Sporting Generosity honorees, Rabil is exceptionally making his mark in the world of philanthropy. 2011 has proven to be an exceptionally busy year off the field. In August, with the help of close friends and family, he founded and launched the Paul Rabil Foundation. It’s mission is to “build awareness and destigmatize learning differences through the avenue of sports and scholarships,” said Rabil.

The mission of his foundation holds a personal connection as Rabil himself (as well as his brother), has grown up with a condition called Auditory Processing Disorder. APD is an umbrella term for a variety of disorders that affect the way the brain processes auditory information. Individuals with APD cannot process the information they hear in the same way others do, which leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting sounds. APD presents everyday challenges and Rabil fully understands the impact these have on the lives of those who have the disorder.

The Paul Rabil Foundation is teaming up with The Lab School, which is a K-12 coeducational day school for students with learning disabilities. Also attended by his sister who suffers from dyslexia, Rabil is pledging to begin annual grant scholarships to the school in hopes of advocating for early learning, support, and awareness for children who suffer from dyslexia.

Rabil, with the help of Warrior Lacrosse (one of Rabil’s sponsors), also aims to create the Lab School’s first ever fully functional Lacrosse program.

In December 2011, Rabil hosted its first annual Paul Rabil Foundation Gala in Baltimore, MD. With the gala’s great success, he is well on his way to accomplishing his 2012 financial goals for the foundation. Said Rabil, we just want to “continue to grow as a foundation and as of now, the sky is the limit.”

To learn more about the Paul Rabil Foundation please click here.

–Megan Blair, Sporting Generosity