Have you ever thought of creating a breakaway or breakthrough football banner? Maybe you are interested in supporting and motivating your football team. 

With this banner, your team can make a dramatic entrance onto the field before the game starts with a breakaway banner. 

So, if you are interested in making a breakaway football banner for your team, this article is designed for you. We will explore valuable tips that will help you design your banner expertly. 

Tips for Creating Breakaway Football Banners 

What are breakout banners made of?

These Football banners are made with several quality materials. In most cases, they are made from paper. Papers that can allow paints on them are the best options. 

It is best to select papers with enough width. This will make it easier for players to walk through the paper before the game begins. Additionally, it is best to use papers that support stretching. This will help it cover a large area of the pitch’s entrance. 

If this is the first time you are making this banner, it is advisable to get more than enough paper. As such, the first one can be used for practicing. Endeavors to use papers that can tear easily. This will prevent issues of injury on the part of the players. 

What does a breakaway football banner feature?

Breakaway football banners can carry several messages. It is dependent on what the designer or the team needs the banner for. 

Sport banner teams often feature the team logo. The banner can also carry the mascot or images of the players. For some, they prefer printing words that can motivate the team to succeed. 

You can skillfully decorate the banner to paint the best picture that will inspire your team. Most people often let their banner carry the team picture; this makes it more unique and detailed. 

It can also feature demotivating messages for opponents. The banner can be used for celebrating milestones and team success. It is meant for anything you need the banner for. 

How is the breakaway banner used?

Having decorated the banner to your team’s taste, you can then think of hanging. To do this, you will need some equipment, like poles, pipes, tapes, etc. 

Having stretched the banner across the pitch entrance, you can then attach both ends of the banner to poles. You can also use PVC pipes, wood, or cardboard tubes in place of poles. 

It is best to go for materials that are lightweight and easy to carry. You can then expertly attach the banner to the poles with your masking tape. 

Ensure that the poles are firmly held at both ends. Make sure that the banner is also appropriately fastened at both ends of the pole. As such, it will not pull apart when your team is charging through. 

Tips for designing your breakaway banner

Here are some simple steps you can follow when designing your breakaway banner. If you have a sports banner team, they can follow these simple steps:

Cutting the paper

The first step is to cut the paper you are using for the banner into four pieces of the same size and shape. Each piece you are cutting will stand for a quarter of the banner. 

Laying and tapering

Lay the pieces you just cut on the floor. Allow it to form a giant square, making it look like a big puzzle. Using your tape, join the interior edges of these four pieces together. Apply tape to the center where they join together. The tape shouldn’t be too much at this point, as this is the point of breaking when your team is coming out. 

Fasten it to the rod

Fasten the edge of the banner to your rod. Roll the edge of the paper over your pole. When it has completely covered the pole, you can then use the tape to attach it to the pole tightly. 

Both sides must be attended to carefully. If not done effectively, the beauty of the breakaway banner will not be seen. It will either tear off from the edge or remove totally. 

Begin your decoration

You get to decide how you want this process to go. As earlier stated, there are several things you can do on this banner. You can design the logo of your team or inspirational messages for your team. 

Anything that can inspire your team to perform excellently can be added to the football banner. You can also add anything the team can easily identify with on the banner. Your goal is to pass clear messages to the fans and players. Do that effectively. 


Depending on when you want to use the banner, endeavor to store it carefully. Roll it gently and store it carefully until the game begins. 


Your sports banner team can easily design high quality and motivating football banners. The tips provided in this article are designed to help them do this expertly. It’s time to motivate your team to success.