Sporting Generosity’s mission is to identify the individuals and organizations that have made significant achievements in the community through sport while providing a platform to encourage and help those looking to get more involved in their communities. To effectively achieve our mission we have created two functional areas of operations.

Celebration of Achievements

The first functional area relates to the identification and reward of individuals who have provided to their community through financial contributions and/or hands on personal involvement. Although public recognition is generally not the motivation behind an individual’s charitable efforts, far too often accomplishments are overlooked.

Foundation Management, Community Relations, Events Management

Our second functional area relates to the effective management of charitable giving. We have found that individuals and organizations often have their heart in the right place but don’t know how to effectively implement a sound community relations initiative. SG can guide you through the process and help you make the impact you are seeking. Whether you’d like to raise money for your own initiative or if you are simply looking to manage one community and/or charitable event, we will effectively guide you through the process.

Our team consists of experts in the field of philanthropy, law, accounting, finance, marketing, public relations and events management, leaving our clients the ability to focus on one thing that truly means something to them: touching the cause they care so much about.